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112 East 23 Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10010

Hair thinning, a receding hair line and hair loss can age your appearance substantially. To combat this, we offer Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) hair therapy as a possible solution. The first step in PRP therapy for hair loss is the of drawing a few vials of your blood and running it through our centrifuge machine. When processed, the enriched plasma platelets within your blood are drawn out. These essential proteins stimulate natural hair growth and are injected precisely into needed areas, such as your hairline. With this added stimulant, your hair can thicken and increase, giving you a more attractive, youthful look.

As you may learn during your visit to our office, PRP is the body’s natural healer and can be used for a variety of services. It repairs blood vessels, promotes cell growth and collagen production and more. So, depending on your needs and concerns, we may recommend PRP therapy as an addition to other cosmetic procedures. To find out if you could benefit from Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) hair therapy in New York, New York, and to meet with our skilled cosmetic experts, please contact Manhattan Medspa at 212-749-1000. Our hair recovery experts will work hard to help revitalize your appearance and to help you feel confident again!


What is PRP hair therapy?

PRP hair therapy is a treatment for hair loss which works to stimulate new hair growth. This treatment relies on the white blood cells and platelets in your blood, which are rich in growth factors.

What is the process for PRP hair loss treatment?

Our doctors begin with a standard blood draw from your arm. The tube of blood is put into a machine called a centrifuge, which spins the blood to separate out the red blood cells from the plasma. This plasma is rich in platelets, and is injected into your scalp every half inch over the area of thinning hair.

How long will by treatment take?

PRP hair therapy typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

Is there any pain during my treatment?

Most patients are able to receive their PRP injections without any numbing, as there is minimal discomfort. If needed, you can use ice packs or Tylenol to relieve discomfort.

Or any recovery time required afterwards?

As this treatment is minimally invasive, little or no downtime is needed. You will need to go without typical hair maintenance for a couple of days (coloring, processing, blow-drying, etc.), but otherwise can return to your regular activities without delay.

When can I see my results?

You will likely need several treatments to achieve the best results. PRP treatments are typically performed once a month for three to four months, and then every three to six months after that point depending on the patient’s response and results. You can usually see visible results within two to three months after beginning treatment.

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112 East 23 Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10010

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