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Before and After VI Peel


VI PEEL X Wrinkle Relaxers

Schedule your wrinkle relaxers and peel in the same visit and prepare yourself for a serious level-up!

Just as your skin is calming down from the peel, your wrinkle relaxers are kicking in and in record time you have the benefits of both. This is the perfect time of year to experience this magic and get ready for the holiday season.

Prices vary due to the amount of units used and the peel chosen.

20% OFF

ZO SkinHealth & Genosys Skincare

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Laser Hair Removal

$799.00 Full Legs

(includes knees & feet) – 6 Sessions

$599.00 Full Brazilian

(includes inner buttocks) – 6 Sessions

$399.00 Lower Face

(includes upper lip, chin, & sideburns) – 6 Session

A woman is having laser hair removal treatment.
Lutronic Infini RF Machine

RF Microneedling

$599 Face or Neck – 1 Session

$1,500 Face or Neck – 3 Sessions

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