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What are Exosomes treatments, and how do they provide facial rejuvenation?

At Manhattan Medspa, our providers work directly with patients in the New York, New York area who are considering facial rejuvenation treatments. We find that there are various avenues patients can take to achieve and maintain a youthful appearance, and we continue to provide a number of solutions for patients to choose from. We are now pleased to offer regenerative aesthetics using Exosomes treatment for facial rejuvenation.

What are Exosomes?

Exosomes are mediators of information in the skin that allow communication between cells to help in regeneration and production. Exosomes may include elements such as growth factors, proteins, ribonucleic acid, and genetic material. While they are derived from stem cells but are not actually stem cells, they can be modified to help address specific concerns in the body and skin. Exosomes can activate specific cells in the body, repairing skin or underlying tissues when used by a trained, experienced professional at Manhattan Medspa.

What are Exosomes treatments?

Exosomes treatments focus on providing a specific, targeted Exosomes application to the facial skin to rewind time, clearing scars, lesions, and sun-damaged skin while reducing pore size and improving overall skin texture and tone. These treatments are readily available at Manhattan Medspa and can offer the rejuvenation and transformation our patients seek when addressing aging skin.

What are the specific benefits of Exosomes rejuvenation?

  • Stronger, healthier skin can be achieved in just a few months after your first Exosomes treatment
  • Boosts the cell’s natural healing processes to address issues such as rosacea and melasma
  • Can be used on men and women of all skin types and with any skin condition
  • Offers a way to address certain imperfections and concerns of the facial skin

Learn more about Exosomes treatments with one of our professionals

Our providers at Manhattan Medspa are excited to integrate stem cell Exosomes and Exosomes therapy into their services here at our state-of-the-art practice.

If you are considering facial rejuvenation treatment with Exosomes therapy, call our office at (212) 729-5797 to request an appointment.

We are conveniently located at 112 East 23rd Street on the 4th floor and accept new patients seeking regenerative aesthetics!

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